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Turning FEAR into FLOW…

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Last year I took a big step and invested in myself. I signed up for a 6-month business mentoring program called Maverick with my dear friend and guide, Tammy Guest. My goal was to break free of my corporate role and to really step into my own business, creating the Ocean Flow Program and driving forward with achieving my dream life every day. One of the big insights I uncovered during the Maverick process was how much of my life had been controlled by fear. So, I started to explore this concept of fear and what it means to me and I found out something awesome!

When we dig really deep into our psyche and our own personal history, we become aware of what lessons, beliefs and values anchor us, and provide both guidance and blocks, as we navigate through life. In Maverick, we did a lot of digging and I found that I was struggling with the concept of fear and how it had shaped parts of my life. I am usually a pretty adventurous kind of person; I’ve jumped out of planes, I love abseiling and my absolute passion is scuba diving. So the idea of fear controlling how I showed up, in business or in my personal life, really surprised me.

When I started to journal on the topic of fear, I realised some pretty startling facts. Back in my very early childhood, I had been shaped by a simple little phrase that my mother told me often. She told me I was a “Wednesday child”. Do you know the little ditty? “Monday’s child is fair of face, Tuesday child is full of grace, Wednesday child is full of woe….”. If I wasn’t being a sunny, happy child or doing as I was told, I was a Wednesday’s child.

So, I became absolutely driven as I grew, to be positive (it is one of my top 5 Clifton Strengths by the way!). And as I explored this part of me last year, I realised that I was afraid of being labelled negative or miserable and it has become such a strong part of who I am now. Ask my closest friends and they will tell you how I try to be upbeat and positive all the time. And that’s been a hard façade to hold onto at times. Through a very painful divorce, losing our home and 2 encounters with the big C, it’s not always been easy to put on a smile.

I realised FEAR drives me to be positive.

It drives me to be over-protective of my children (even now they are nearly grown). It drives me to maintain my income stream from corporate so that I can care for my family (even though I really want to be doing my own thing)…. Fear holds me back in so many ways.

So, here is what I’m now journaling about…

I embrace fear. All my fears… my fear of negativity, my fear of doing nothing (relaxing and resting feels like a waste of time), my fear of wasting time (stemming from my close encounters with cancer and loss of loved ones), my fear of death and not leaving a legacy.

I am now called upon to embrace fear, to sit with it, to call it ‘friend’. It’s ok to take my time, at my pace, at my pace, no one else’s. There is no need to rush forward, no need for only urgency… I have made such amazing progress in the last year and I’m living my dream life right NOW, it truly makes my heart sing and my soul happy. I am growing and flowing…

My superpower is turning FEAR into FLOW… finding it, being with it, learning how to harness its power and luxuriating in its effortlessness, it’s calmness and it’s soft energy. I love flow…

So I have turned FEAR into FLOW

F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal

F ind your dream Life in an Ocean of Wonder

By embracing fear and turning into positive, FLOW energy, I am now living more of my dream life than ever before. And in turn, this is now coming to life as my first 8-week Ocean Flow program, showing you how to harness flow, achieve your dream life, your goals, your business and personal vision with ease and grace. I’m so excited!

Happy Wednesday everyone. I hope your Wednesday is full of WOAH!!

If you’d like to know more about the magic of turning your life voyage into a FLOW experience, achieving your dreams and goals without the push and grind, let’s chat…

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