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Ocean Flow Water Meditation
(when you just need a few minutes of self-care, to reset)

Julie Jones Ocean Flow Water Meditation

I’m a self-confessed mermaid. I live to be in the ocean, around the amazing creatures I find there and to absorb the wonders of the ocean in all it’s awesome beauty. You don’t have to be in the ocean every week like me or be even living close to water to understand the connection that we have to water. It’s after all 60% of our bodies composition and it is fundamental to the existence of life.

I want you to just get in touch right now with your inner mermaid (or merman)…  literally or figuratively you are going to take a shower... so close your eyes and come into the water with me…

We came from water, and we often feel drawn to go back to the water. Think about your connections to water; the water we drink, the water we wash in, the shower, the bath, the kitchen sink… we are lucky enough in our first world cultures in most parts of our lands to turn on the taps and pure, clean water flows…

Whether you’re an ocean baby or a land lubber, we all have a strong affinity to and connection with water. So let’s just visualise right now a very simple everyday water experience we can harness to connect with our physical and mental wellbeing…  a daily reset point where we can regain balance and focus and take stock of where we are right now….

If you haven’t already, gently close your eyes… let's take a shower… (don't worry, no one can see you).


You turn on the taps and let the water warm begin to flow … you grab your towel ready for when you’re done, you check the temperature and you step in, into the flow of water, the perfect temperature, it feels just like soft, warm rain… falling gently onto your skin… you turn your face up to the water and feel it cleanse and comfort, refresh and invigorate… water is the source of all life… it gives us life, it gives us strength, it gives us energy, it gives us flow.

Water is both gentle and strong, it is both calming and nurturing and it can be relentless and devouring, wearing away rocks and obstacles in its path. Harnessing the power and flow of water gives us power, calmness, strength and resilience…


Use this simple check in, this time just for you, to reflect on where you are right now, how are you?

You think about the day ahead, the inspired actions you’ll take, the people you’ll connect with today, the things you’re excited about, the things you’re tackling that may not be so easy… how might you get flow here?

This is your time, your time to reflect, review and reset and think through how you can start your day with flow energy and positivity…. And if you’re not feeling great, that’s ok too… what can you do to nurture yourself and take care of yourself and your energy today…?

Standing the shower, just for a few minutes, everything is washed clean, our energy is reset, our flow is ready to tackle the day…. Take a big deep breath with me… and out, and another, and one more…. Ok, we’re ready to begin our day….

Have a wonderful one full of energy and Ocean Flow vibes...    Julie xox

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