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One on one coaching is the perfect way to get some detailed focus on the things you really need help with. Specific projects or for fine tuning your Flow Productivity Skills, one on one coaching could be just what you're after. 

I’m passionate about supporting women, specialising in visioning, strategy, goal setting and Flow productivity training – this is my Ocean Flow philosophy, designed from years of business and my personal experiences and from working as a productivity and wellbeing trainer and coach. I help you to set a clear vision, map your project and set STICKY goals. Then I show you how to go after them with productive flow. 

One-on-one coaching and mentoring is built around your specific needs and is tailored to your available time and energy. 

One-on-one coaching sessions focus on your key areas of need around the specific goals you are keen to get you moving forward with. We flesh out exactly what each session would look like once we’ve discussed in more detail where you are at and how I can best support you. These sessions are a regular check in point to practice the techniques we work on and embed them into your routines. 

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Ocean Flow One on One Coaching packages include:

o    Personalised one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to your specific goal/s
o    Vision Boarding & STICKY Goal Setting session if required
o    We’ll focus on project mapping and setting up a plan to get moving forward
o    I’ll share loads more Ocean Flow Productivity tools and techniques with you that will suit your needs and we’ll experiment here with what works best
o    We’ll practice some Rituals & Routines to keep you on track and make progress and these will suit your style and support your unique brain style. 
o    Access to a suite of Ocean Flow tools and custom processes and monthly free group checkins where you can meet other women working on their businesses too. 

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What people say about Julie and one on one coaching packages

Valentina Earth Healer

Valentina runs an essential oils and  healing business on the Central Coast, NSW and provides healing services as well as a range of meditation recordings and healing products. 

seed provides Valentina with strategic services and brand development

"Two meetings into my Strategy & Innovation package with Julie and I am already bouncing back into my business doing what I love with the confidence that the base Julie has set up for me can continue to fine-tune, duplicate and grow. I had become stuck, stagnant, needed new wheels of operation and had nothing in my brain. It is so great to be able to hand innovation and strategy over to someone who is so skilled, fast-working and has such a lovely way of giving me choices and getting out of me what I do want. I know I am in really good hands and can't wait to continue our journey to uplevel my business this year. I feel I have maintained the essence of who I am and what I offer but, with Seed's help, I am becoming 1000% more professional."   Valentina Mathias, Owner

seed assists MangoSEA with website design and management

"Julie is a gem. Her knowledge and skills from years of business experience are invaluable. She has helped with my small business’s website function and presence, brought new ideas to the table and new perspectives to broader scale business growth. She’s fast, efficient and gets the job done with no fuss. I am grateful for her help to-date, and look forward to working together in the future."   Margot Hislop, Owner, Mango SEA

seed assists Bombora SUPFit with strategic business development, website design and marketing activities. 

"I run a stand up paddle board school and I am passionate about my business and put a lot of time into it. However, I really struggle to keep up with the ever-changing and highly competitive marketing side of the business. Finding Seed and Julie was a Godsend - her passion for helping others to succeed along with her wealth of marketing and business knowledge is incredible. I saw Julie originally to help me with my website but she has since helped me with promoting events and a wealth of general business advice. I can highly rate Julie and Seed as she understands the struggles small businesses face as well as large businesses."
Karl  Herman, Bombora SUPFit. 

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