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Ocean Flow is all about helping you to achieve your dreams and goals. Looking to create your perfect dream life? Ever find you start stuff and never get it finished? Or that you just can't put your finger on what it is that's missing to get your dreams and goals clearly in mind and then make them happen?​ Then this is the program for you!

In our vision boarding workshops we explore our dreams and goals around Key Life Areas Map and we build this into a visual wonderland of a dream  board that will inspire you to bring them to life every day. 

Vision Boarding workshops can be held virtually or face-to-face and are perfect for business and individual focused visioning.  We offer both public and private workshops as well as gift vouchers. 

Vision Boarding and STICKY Goal Setting workshops can also be fantastic for team building activities and annual visioning sessions. 


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What people say about Ocean Flow Vision Boarding Workshops

A rare opportunity to spend time for yourself . Organising your thoughts in a relaxed , supportive and creative environment. Time to reflect and think about what YOU want to achieve / do over the next 12 - 24 months. Julie helped me to create a visual roadmap to follow , build and adapt, something I can look at daily that can instill positivity and make me smile and be proud.

I loved the positive atmosphere, the clear achievable directions . The outcome, a vision board that I can use everyday and continue to work with. The examples in the pre-work were really helpful too.

Lyn, Head of R&D, FMCG food business

This is a very enjoyable, Vision Boarding Workshop which provided both a workable structure, focused & practical guidance plus plenty of your own time in which to create your vision board. Julie, the facilitator, was warm and friendly and made us all feel instantly relaxed and at ease. She offered useful and practical guidance and support, offered us extra resources that we could choose to use to include in our our vision board. Julie really made the day such an  enjoyable experience.

While it is important to work through and create your own vision board,  it was great to hear what the other group members were focusing on also, and share the day with other women. As always in group situations - the group wisdom can reflect the individual's thinking and remind each of us of ideas/themes we had perhaps forgotten to include on their own vision boards


Christine Strauss, Art Therapist

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