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‘Crazy Busy’ isn’t a badge of honour I want anymore…

How is your week going? Busy busy…?

Do you hear yourself telling those around you that you can’t take a break right now or spend time on some self-care because you’re ‘crazy busy’? When someone asks you how you’ve been, you find yourself replying, “well it’s been so insanely busy, I’ve not had time to pee today…”

No time to rest. No time for a full night’s sleep. No time to pee…!

I used to say and do these things all the time. I felt like slowing down wasn’t an option and there was always another urgent/important thing on my never-ending to do list that took priority over taking a breath and stepping off the treadmill.

Think I’m exaggerating? While I was still on maternity leave, I took my six-week old on a plane, to a sales conference because I couldn’t say ‘no’ to the presentation I ‘needed’ to deliver! When I came off the stage, my boss told me about a conversation he’d just had with our HR partner; when he shared with her how committed he thought I was, she replied, “yeah, or should be…!”.

The ’crazy busy’ badge of honour was something I wore with pride and it pushed me to work harder, longer and with more passion than I should have. To put everyone’s needs ahead of my own, to keep going and going and going. And as many oil you know, it got me sick. Really sick. Twice. With the big C.

I've been travelling a lot for my business lately and balancing the complexities of home life, competing priorities, supporting my wonderful kids, spending time with my gorgeous grandson, walking the dog, fitting in dives, grabbing my camera... the list goes on. Life may change and different aspects take priority but unless we make a mindful decision to do things differently, nothing really changes.

So I have 3 questions for you...

What level of stress (and potentially burnout) does your commitment take you to?

What does your incredible passion for your business make you sacrifice?

How sustainable is this way of being and doing?

.... I'd love to know what you ponder on these points and to ask you whether you'll take a moment to breathe, step back and reflect on where to next...


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