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Following our dreams takes courage... and sometimes a little help from our friends!

I've recently been prioritising my own dreams and spending a time practicing my underwater photography skills. It's something I just love doing and I have a desire to share the wonders of the ocean with others so they can understand the fragile, beautiful ecosystems we have right on our doorstep. 

I've been encouraged by some amazing friends and mentors to step outside of my comfort zone and stretch into more professional spaces - and so, here it is! My very first exhibition in a gallery space! Running from 19th - 25th February 2024 at the Toukley Village Green Container Gallery, Toukley, NSW, please drop by if you are in the area. Open each day 10am-4pm with evening openings on Friday & Saturday. 

There are also loads of other artists displaying their talents in the Gallery from now until the end of March 2024 as part of the Central Coast Creatives Collective as part of the Central Coast Council Creative Spaces project. You can find out more here

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