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Finding Flow - How to find it, how to hold onto it...

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Overwhelm... Procrastination...Stress... The BIG 3!

3 words that can spark fear in the strongest of us. These big 3 can stop us in our tracks and prevent us from making progress towards our goals. And when we're running our own show, they can easily eat up days of time. We just get the little stuff done and we don't spend time on our big dreams and goals, that program we're keen to launch or that new website that needs designing...

There are many ways to manage our focus and get into the real 'doing' but many can seem hard-edged and rather difficult to get started with.

I've found the best way of finding Flow is to harness some of the key tools in my Ocean Flow toolkit. It's why I created it after all! I focus on techniques and tools that create ease and grace; that help us to move towards our goals and dreams every single day, week and month.

The top two I am a BIG advocate of are to "focus like a shark" and "hide like a cuttlefish!". These are simple concepts to help us understand how to get in the zone, protect our time and attention and get the right things done. You can read more about these techniques in my free eBook (just yell if you'd like a copy).

And if you'd like a quick check in with me, time to review a few of these cool Ocean Flow tools and to work on your goals, then please get in touch, I'd love to help.

Have you tried the Ocean Flow Productivity Archetype quiz yet?? Bring your results with you to our chat and we'll work through how to leverage your archetype to get moving.

Whether you're focusing on work or personal goals, to drive your business to the next level or launch a new program, there are Flow Productivity tools and techniques that can help you make magic!

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