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I love to convert dreams into action with flow! No sharp edges or pushy hard stuff. I gently guide you to set up your vision and goals, then help to make things happen.


Whether you're focused on launching a new business or need help with your current career or company, I'm here to help. Focused on creating clarity and momentum, I will help you stay on course...​

I show you how to create the right rituals and routines to help you to get stuff done with ease and flow. You'll walk away with a heap of practical Flow Productivity tools and techniques that will make a difference straight away. 

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What people say about Julie and Ocean Flow program

Valentina Earth Healer

I have interacted with Julie professionally and personally for a number of years – cheered each other on as we grew our families and our businesses.


Always having received inspiration and benefit from her Strategy and Innovation packages, I was keen to try the New Ocean Flow Programme …. Oh my goodness! I couldn’t believe how much I loved the first workshop.  I am an empathic person which means I literally have a physical response to all of life’s experiences – the content was, as expected, innovative and fun – ticked a lot of boxes for me in terms of resolving motivation frustrations – but the best thing was I felt so good afterwards. My body was tingling, and my brain was happy!


The Ocean Flow programme is enabling me to go further than just maintain the essence of who I am – her strategies link in perfectly with how my energy flows, and teaches me healthy habits in relation to how my brain operates. 


Every concept resonates with me. I also love the designs and presentations that Julie creates. I avidly print out every worksheet and planner she sends me and fill it in with my hopes, dreams and challenges. My business life is do-able and enjoyable after all. Thank you, Julie.

Valentina Mathias is a Master Akashic Healer and the founding director of Balance Begins With Me an alternative online healing business. She livestreams Sunrise Chakra Activations and mentors Akashic Graduates all over Gaia.